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About HAEC Global

Aspiring students of Himalayan Kingdom

As a need for bridge was felt for those aspiring students of the Himalayan Kingdom who liked to pursue further education in Australia, two people emerged to help all those in need and hence, HAEC Global was initiated. The office is located at the heart of Kathmandu where all the students from all over Nepal come together, as this place, Bagbazar, is the hub for all the reputed colleges and higher institutions.

Since its inception, we’ve left no stone unturned to facilitate the students in helping with each and every step needed for them for their successful application towards the colleges and universities of their choice.

The trust that has been put forward on us by the parents, guardians and the students is simply overwhelming. And we take this pride in stating that because of the expertise that we hold in this educational and counseling field, it motivates us to excel more. Probably, that is why our students, guardians and parents keep on telling us that we are second to none, be it test preparation or abroad study guidance.

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